Everything You Need to Know About Nicotine


It’s not a mystery or a big secret that cigarettes have been one of the most dangerous tobacco products that can harm your body. Alongside tar and carbon monoxide, nicotine is always declared a harmful substance to human health.

Despite being known as a dangerous chemical, not many people know what nicotine is. If you are one of them, then you should check out this article to understand what nicotine is and how toxic it is for your body!

What Is Nicotine?

Nicotine is a psychoactive substance that acts as a stimulant to your body by increasing the speed of the messages transmitted between your body and brain. The compound can be found in tobacco which is also the main ingredient in a cigarette.

So, what is the negative effect of nicotine? Some people aren’t aware that there is more than one way for nicotine to harm your body!

One of them is by making your heart work harder. Nicotine can block and harden your blood arteries, resulting in increased blood pressure, blood flow, and heart rate. In other words, by consuming nicotine regularly, you are also putting your heart at risk.

Nicotine can also trigger a withdrawal effect when you stop consuming it, leading to an addiction. This is one of the reasons why cigarette smokers have a hard time stopping enjoying this tobacco product.

The nicotine withdrawal can last from a week to a month and in that period, you can feel the nicotine withdrawal side effects, like:

  • Having a huge urge to consume cigarette
  • Easier to feel anxious or irritable
  • Feeling depressed
  • Fatigue
  • Constipation
  • Increasing appetite
  • Insomnia
  • Difficulties in focusing or concentrating
  • Feeling dizzy
  • Coughing
  • Headache

The dangerous substance can stay in your body for 6-8 hours. The duration of nicotine circulation in your body depends on the amount of nicotine you consume in a day. The more nicotine you inhale, the longer it stays in your body. Consuming nicotine regularly can increase your chance of developing serious medical conditions, such as:

  • Cancer
  • Stroke
  • Sexual, financial, work, and social problems
  • Lungs, eye, teeth, pregnancy, bone, or gum issues
  • Impaired immune system
  • Infertility
  • Diabetes

Besides putting your health at risk, you are also harming other people who inhale the smoke that you exhale. They are known as passive smokers and will also experience the negative side effects of nicotine upon inhaling cigarette smoke.

What Is the Side Effect of Nicotine?

The side effects of nicotine can vary from one person to another. Some people will experience the side effects right away, but others might feel the negative impact in the long term. The effect of nicotine depends on:

  • The amount of nicotine you have consumed
  • Your weight and physical condition
  • The frequency of nicotine consumption
  • Certain food, drink, or drugs that are taken while consuming nicotine

If you aren’t a ‘seasoned smoker’, you will likely experience the effect of nicotine on your body, such as nausea, stomach pain, feeling dizzy, vomiting, headache, and feeling weak. Some people will still have certain side effects even after ingesting nicotine regularly, like:

  • Feeling relax
  • Coughing
  • Seizures
  • Smelly breath
  • Vomiting
  • Confused
  • Increased heart rate, berthing, and concentration
  • Feeling dizzy
  • Tingling or numb sensation on your toes and fingers
  • Decreasing appetite
  • Headache
  • Feeling weak or about to faint
  • Stomach pain

Other Harmful Chemical Substances in a Cigarette

After knowing what is nicotine and the danger it poses to your health, you have to understand what other toxic compounds lie inside a cigarette.

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless, and poisonous gas that is a byproduct of burned cigarettes. inhaling the substance can lead to damaged internal organs and heart problems since it can decrease oxygen levels in the blood cells while at the same time, elevating the cholesterol level in your blood vessels.


Tar is produced when you light up tobacco. The chemical compound has a brown-yellowish color and can stick to your lungs, increasing your chance of suffering lung problems, such as emphysema, bronchitis, and lung cancer.

Tar that has piled up in your lungs will turn black and can harm the cilia that act as the lungs’ natural air filter, allowing more tar and other poisonous compounds from the cigarettes to damage your lungs.
Moreover, the tar can travel through the bloodstream to other organs and potentially cause medical issues, such as gum disease, diabetes, and mouth cancer.

Is Clove Cigarette Healthier than Regular Cigarettes?

Some people think that clove cigarettes are healthier since it’s made from natural cloves that have a lot of health benefits. Unfortunately, there is still tobacco inside a clove cigarette or kretek. There is approximately 60-80 percent of tobacco in a kretek.

Furthermore, clove cigarettes have a higher rate of nicotine, tar, and carbon monoxide than conventional cigarettes in the United States.

Besides, tar, carbon monoxide, and nicotine, the clove in kretek can also contribute to making you more ‘addicted’ to inhaling the cigarette. Eugenol in clove cigarettes can numb and give a soothing sensation to your mouth and throat. In fact, eugenol is natural anesthesia.

By giving you the cooling sensation, eugenol allows you to smoke, even more, making you unaware of the irritation on the throat and mouth caused by the cigarette’s smoke. Eugenol is also found to be able to damage your gag reflex.

Other negative side effects can occur if you keep consuming clove or clove oil in a large amount, such as tight throat muscle, rapid heartbeat and breathing, seizures, burns on the throat or mouth area, damage to the lungs, vomiting, abdominal pain, nausea, feeling sleepy, and diarrhea.

Still Up for a Stick of Cigarette?

Despite the danger of tar, nicotine, and carbon monoxide lurking inside a cigarette, some people are still unable to stop smoking tobacco products, especially clove cigarettes or kretek.

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