How To Buy Clove Cigarette Online?

When you consume clove cigarettes, you will experience a new flavor and aroma that you won’t get in conventional cigarettes. No wonder many cigarette fans have put clove cigarette or kretek on their list of favorite cigarettes.

Sadly, this exotic Indonesian cigarette has been banned by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2009. Any commercial production, selling, and importing activity of clove cigarettes are illegal in the United States.
Fortunately, you can still enjoy a stick of kretek by purchasing it on the internet. But, the question is how to buy clove cigarettes online?

Why Clove Cigarettes Are Banned?

First thing first, let’s answer why clove cigarettes are deemed illegal in the United States. So, the FDA has banned the selling, manufacturing, and importing of clove cigarettes and other flavored tobacco, except for menthol-flavored cigarettes.

The decision to ban clove cigarettes is due to their dangerous tar, nicotine, and carbon monoxide level. Despite using clove as one of the main ingredients, tobacco is still used in the making of clove cigarettes or kretek.

The amount of tar, nicotine, and carbon monoxide in a clove cigarette is actually higher than in regular western cigarettes.

Furthermore, clove cigarettes have a sweeter and more aromatic flavor than conventional cigarettes. Therefore, many young people under 18 years old smoke kretek as their first step into the cigarette world.

To protect the future generation, clove cigarettes are banned by the FDA, since they serve as a gate for youngsters to start smoking and it is seen as more dangerous than conventional cigarettes in the United States.

Fortunately, the law doesn’t ban personal consumption and purchase outside of the United States, so you can still purchase clove cigarettes online.

What Makes Clove Cigarette Enticing?

Some of you will wonder why clove cigarettes always have a special spot in the heart of cigarette lovers. The answer is due to its exquisite and exotic taste!

Kretek has a more flavorful taste and aromatic scent than conventional clove cigarettes. Moreover, it has a complex and sweeter taste to it.

In a clove cigarette, you can find a blend of 20-40 percent crushed clove or clove oil and 60-80 percent tobacco. Sometimes, other spices can be added to the blend, such as nutmeg, cinnamon, and cumin.

Furthermore, each brand will have its special sauce that they will add in a blend. This special sauce is unique to each brand. The special sauce consists of various herb, spice, and fruit extracts that will boost the clove cigarette’s flavor profile.

The clove cigarette sweetness can come from the special sauce itself or sweetener, such as saccharine, that is laced on the cigarette’s wrapping paper. All of these components make clove cigarettes have a very complex flavor compared to regular cigarettes.

Basically, there are two types of clove cigarettes that you can find in online stores:

1. Hand-rolled Clove Cigarette

Hand-rolled clove cigarette is the type of kretek where the wrapping process is done manually by skilled laborers. Some companies still provide hand-rolled clove cigarettes, such as Djarum.

2. Machine-rolled Clove Cigarette

Machine-rolled kretek is the most common type of clove cigarette since most kretek in the online store are manufactured by machines that can easily produce clove cigarettes in a large amount within a shorter period.

Where Can I Buy Clove Cigarette Online?

Many online stores sell clove cigarettes online, but not all of them can provide you with high-quality and authentic clove cigarettes.

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Is There Any Alternative for Clove Cigarette?

Clove cigarettes and other flavored cigarettes are banned by the FDA, but other tobacco products, such as flavored cigars, flavored tobacco pipes, and menthol cigarettes are still allowed.

To accommodate clove cigarette enthusiasts’ needs, Djarum has produced clove flavored cigar that has a similar flavor profile as their iconic clove cigarette product. The product, Djarum Black Cigar, has clove in it with a sweeter taste than their Djarum Black clove cigarette.

Djarum Black Cigar utilizes homogenized tobacco leaf to wrap the blend and it contains 1.8 milligrams of nicotine and 32 milligrams of tar. The size of Djarum Black Cigar is bigger than Djarum Black clove cigarette.

To suit everyone’s preferences, Djarum provides an unfiltered and filtered version of the clove-flavored cigar. You can also find several types of Djarum Black Cigar, such as Djarum Black Cigar Sapphire, Djarum Black Cigar Silver, and Djarum Black Cigar Emerald.

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