I am a satisfied customer. I have been pleased every time I have done business. I give the company my highest rating. CMG

August 15, 2022

Just received my first Djarum Black order and it arrived quickly and was packaged well and came fresh! The buying process couldn’t be easier considering the restrictions they have to work around. I am very happy with my purchase and plan on doing a lot more business with them in the future!

D. Croy
July 25, 2022

Since longer than ten years ago I have been buying from here, and it always goes well. Ten years ago, customs was more rigid and turned back one package of mine in that time, but Derwin resent it at his own expense and a week later I had it. It has been smooth sailing since then. He communicates well and is responsive, and the cloves arrive fresh. What more could we ask for!!?

Robert Wittman
March 8, 2022

I would like to let anyone know whois thinking about ordering from Derwins Ssite Cloveonline. I have been ordering from him for years and I am talking about 10 years at the least and I have never had a problem getting my order from him, it has always came in a timely manner and he is very easy to communicate with if you do have any questions. I highly recommend his site!! Sincerely Bernadette the Florid girl : )

Bernadette Long
March 2, 2022

I have been ordering from this company for at least ten years. My orders are always accurate and promptly delivered. Whenever there is problem (which is rare usually in customs in the US) Derwin will send a replacement order. This is a good company and I enjoy doing business with them.
Thank you Derwin for your care.

Angelia Northcutt
March 2, 2022
412 Hickory Glade Drive