US still able to purchase clove cigarettes by online

Will you be able to buy clove cigarettes online once the ban in the US is enforced ?


you still able to purchase clove cigarettes by online

The new regulation has ban clove cigarettes to be distributed in all states but you can still purchase them online since the law addresses the sale of these cigarettes ONLY in the US. Our company is located and registered in INDONESIA. The law also doesn’t ban private citizens from possessing and smoking the clove cigarettes. You just cannot find and buy them on your local store.

Here is some proof of tracking number that we send in a day, we ship them everyday, so you can see how many order we send to US every month ( only 0.1 % are getting return or being confisacted by the Border and customs ). TRACK IT HERE : or – #1 Djarum Black Clove Cigarettes Online Store

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