Djarum Clove Cigarettes Ingredients

Djarum Clove Cigarettes Ingredients

It’s not a surprise if cigarette enthusiasts start wondering what is the secret recipe of Djarum clove cigarettes, since Djarum has been one of the most popular kretek or clove cigarettes internationally.
You won’t be able to know the details of Djarum’s secret recipe, but understanding Djarum clove cigarettes’ main ingredients will surely answer your question as to why Djarum clove cigarettes have a very likable flavor and aroma.

What Are Djarum Clove Cigarettes Ingredients?

Similar to other clove cigarettes, Djarum clove cigarettes also contain clove, tobacco, and their secret special sauce. Typically, a stick of clove cigarette will contain around 60-80 percent tobacco and 20-40 percent crushed clove buds and clove oil.

Djarum has been using high-quality and naturally grown cloves and tobacco for their clove cigarette blend. Sometimes, there can be up to 20-30 diverse types of tobacco inside a typical clove cigarette. But, the origin of Djarum’s cloves and tobacco can vary depending on the type of clove cigarette product.

For example, one of Djarum clove cigarette products, Djarum Super, is produced using tobacco from Java and Madura region and extremely fine grounded cloves, resulting in a fruity yet aromatic taste.
Sometimes, other spices can be included in Djarum clove cigarette products, such as cinnamon, cumin, or nutmeg. Once again, the spices vary from one clove cigarette product to another.

Besides clove and tobacco, Djarum also has its unique special sauce for its clove cigarette blend. The sauce is a necessary ingredient in every kretek, it differentiates one brand from another.

Djarum hasn’t disclosed their secret special sauce, but usually, a sauce consists of different types of herb, spice, and fruit extracts.

This sauce will amplify the clove cigarette’s flavor and aroma even more. There can be more than 100 ingredients inside the sauce, such as vanilla, chocolate, coffee, and dried fruits.

Another Djarum clove cigarette product, Djarum Black Cappucino, gets its unique cappuccino taste from the sauce which has coffee added to it.

What Makes Djarum Different?

Djarum has a spicier, sweeter, and bolder taste than its competitor, its clove cigarette has a robust aromatic clove scent and the flavor of its cigarette is always consistent. Moreover, the brand always tries to create something new for cigarette enthusiasts locally and internationally.

Djarum still maintains the tradition of hand-rolled clove cigarettes. The brand still makes machine-rolled and hand-rolled kretek in large quantities.
Moreover, the cloves inside Djarum’s clove cigarette have been processed with the Superfine Cloves method, turning the cloves into an extremely fine grounded clove. All clove cigarette production is under strict control and management to maintain its quality.

Besides being one of the biggest and oldest clove cigarette brands, there are various achievements or milestones that Djarum has set in the clove cigarette world, such as:

  • Producing the world’s first clove cigarette cigarillos
  • Creating the world’s first low tar and nicotine cigarette
  • Making clove cigarettes with cherry and vanilla flavor
  • Developing a brown and black colored clove cigarette wrapping paper
  • Creating the only Superfine Clove blend

List of Djarum Clove Cigarette Products

After knowing Djarum’s clove cigarette ingredients, let’s dive into the kretek products that are provided by Djarum. Besides the iconic Djarum Black, there are other Djarum clove cigarette products, such as:

1. Djarum Black

Djarum Black is Djarum’s iconic and most popular clove cigarette in the international cigarette enthusiast community. The clove cigarette has a spicy and bold taste with a unique and classy black-colored wrapping paper. 

You can find different versions of Djarum Black, like Djarum Black Mild, Djarum Black Capuccino, Djarum Black Ivory, and many more!

2. Djarum Super

Djarum Super is a sophisticated clove cigarette that is created using Javanese and Madurese tobacco along with cloves that have been processed using Djarum’s Superfine Clove technique. 

There are also other Djarum Super versions for you to choose from, like Djarum Super Mild Black Series and Djarum Super Mild.

3. Djarum 76

If you enjoy an unfiltered clove cigarette, then Djarum 76 is your perfect match. The clove cigarette has no filter and is hand-rolled manually by Djarum’s skilled labors. The ingredients in the blend are sourced from Temanggung, Java.

Djarum 76 ingredients are natural since it has additional preserving substances and additives in the kretek. If you want to try the filtered version, you can purchase Djarum 76 Filter Gold.

4. Djarum Coklat

Another unfiltered and hand-rolled Djarum clove cigarette product is Djarum Coklat. The kretek uses high-quality Srintil tobacco and ripe cloves. To complete the blend, Djarum applies its secret Kudus recipe. 

Djarum Coklat clove cigarette has a very aromatic, strong, and long-lasting flavor. You can also try other versions of Djarum Coklat, such as Djarum Coklat Filter and Djarum Coklat Extra.

5. Djarum L.A. Series

Djarum L.A. series is a filtered clove cigarette that has a lower tar and nicotine content. The kretek is a machine-rolled type of clove cigarette with a fruity and mild taste. It has the same flavor profile as Djarum Super but is smoother and lighter. 

This Djarum clove cigarette product is suitable for people who want to try kretek for the first time since it will give you a slightly sweet, fruity, and spicy flavor. 

Similar to Djarum Black, you can find various flavorings of Djarum L.A. series clove cigarette, such as Djarum L.A. Ice, Djarum L.A. Menthol, and Djarum L.A. Bold.

Where to Buy Djarum Clove Cigarette Products?

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