Best and Popular Clove Cigarette Brands You Should Know

Djarum Clove Cigarettes The Origin and Product List

Clove cigarettes always have a special place in a cigarette fans’ heart. This exotic Indonesian cigarette contains clove that makes it sweeter, spicier, and more aromatic than conventional cigarettes. 

Djarum is one of the most popular clove cigarette brands internationally, but did you know that other famous clove cigarette brands are loved by local Indonesian people? Dive more into the list of the best and most popular clove cigarettes brands!

1. Djarum

Djarum Cigarettes has been dominating the clove cigarette distribution internationally. In fact, cigarette lovers will be familiar with their specialty kretek, Djarum Black. The sleek design and aromatic scent will surely attract you to try one.

Djarum company was built by Oei Wie Gwan in the 1950s in Kudus, Central Java, and renamed the company from NV Murup to Djarum which was inspired by a gramophone’s needle.

At first, the company only have 10 workers. All the production, as well as the marketing, was done manually, even Oei Wie Gwan participated in making and selling the clove cigarettes.

Due to its quality and consistency, Djarum began to take its place as one of the best clove cigarette brands in Kudus and soon all over Indonesia.The brand paved its way in the international world when Oei’s children, Robert Budi Hartono and Michael Bambang Hartono, continued their father’s leadership.

2. HM Sampoerna

Before being known as HM Sampoerna, the company was known as Dji Sam Soe and was known as one of the pioneers of clove cigarette or kretek in Indonesia.

The Dji Sam Soe brand was established by Liem Seeng Tee in 1913. Unlike Djarum, Dji Sam Soe started its journey in Surabaya, East Java. When the mantel was passed to his son, Aga Sampoerna, the brand’s name changed to HM Sampoerna.

Later on, the company was led by Aga’s son, Putra Sampoerna, in his leadership, HM Sampoerna launched its iconic product, Sampoerna A Mild. Although, in 2005, Sampoerna’s majority share was bought by Philip Morris Indonesia.

Some of the brand’s known products are Sampoerna A. Mild, Sampoerna Hijau, Philip Morris, and Marlboro Filter Black.

3. Gudang Garam

Another best and most popular clove cigarette brand in Indonesia is Gudang Garam. The brand was started by Surya Wonowidjoyo as a small clove cigarette factory in Kediri, East Java.

There is an interesting story behind the clove cigarette brand’s name. The name ‘Gudang Garam’, actually means salt warehouse. It is inspired by Surya’s dream of seeing a salt storehouse across his uncle’s factory. The dream was attached to his mind.

Later on, Sarman, one of Surya’s employees, drew the salt warehouse in the dream and Surya made it into Gudang Garam’s logo.

The clove cigarette brand was at its peak in 1960. Unfortunately, during the G30S PKI incident, some of Gudang Garam’s employees were apprehended by the government since they were suspected to be a part of the PKI movement. The loss of workers led to a reduction in Gudang Garam’s sales.

The setback didn’t bring the company down. Gudang Garam managed to maintain its position and became one of the best and most popular clove cigarettes brands in Indonesia.

4. Bentoel

Some cigarette fans might not be familiar with Bentoel brand, but this clove cigarette brand is famous locally. Some of their iconic products are Sejati, Neo Mild, Bentoel Biru, and Uno Mild.  

Bentoel cigarettes was established in Malang, East Java, by Ong Hok Liong in 1930. The name of the brand used to be Stroojes-fabriek Ong Hok Liong, but it was changed to Bentoel in 1935.

Afterward, the clove cigarette brand became a part of British American Tobacco Group (BAT) which produces Lucky Strike and Dunhill cigarettes. 

Besides producing their iconic products, Bentoel also manufactures machine-rolled clove cigarettes, like Dunhill Filter, Lucky Strike Mild, Lucky Strike Bold, and Dunhill Mild.

5. Nojorono

Last but not least in the list of best and most popular clove cigarettes brands is Nojorono. The local kretek brand was created in 1932 by Tan Djing Thay and Koo Djee Siong. One of its famous clove cigarettes is Minak Djinggo. 

At first, the company was based in North Pati, but in 1934, Nojorono moved to Kudus, East Java, the place where kretek was first found. Slowly but surely, Nojorono became bigger as they launched their iconic clove cigarette product, Minak Djinggo, in 1984. 

Minak Djinggo became a favorite among fishermen and sailors since the clove cigarette was wrapped with paraffin which made them more waterproof than other clove cigarette brands.

In 2003, Nojorono made Clas Mild which has low tar and nicotine content. The product was loved by the locals that the brand released another version of Clas Mild, Clas Mild Silver, that has a smoother taste with high-quality clove and tobacco in 2019.

In 2021, Nojorono created another variety of Clas Mild, called Clas Mild REDMAX. The product has much more pure content that the other Clas Mild versions.

Until now, the clove cigarette brand is still popular among Indonesian cigarette fans due to its aromatic scent and affordable products.

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