4 Top Clove Cigarettes Brands in Indonesia

Clove cigarettes are perfect for any occasion. You can smoke the exotic taste while sipping a cup of warm coffee or inhale it while watching your favorite show. Either way, to fully enjoy smoking the kretek, you have to choose the perfect clove cigarette first!

Djarum is one of the best clove cigarette brands from Indonesia, but do you know other top kretek brands in Indonesia? Expand your knowledge about the best clove cigarette brands by looking through this article!

1. Djarum

U.S. cigarette lovers will undoubtedly know this famous clove cigarette brand. Djarum has been one of the best clove cigarette brands locally and internationally. The most iconic kretek or clove cigarette from this brand is Djarum Black.

Djarum company started its journey in the 1950s when Oei Wie Gwan bought a bankrupt cigarette company in Kudus, Central Java. He renamed the company Djarum which was taken from a gramophone’s needle.

In the early era of Djarum, the process of making the clove cigarettes was done manually. All of the kreteks were rolled by hand, and Oei Wie Gwan even made the clove cigarette with his 10 employees. 

His hard work and dedication successfully made the Djarum brand rose to popularity in Kudus. Djarum kretek soon became one of the best clove cigarette brands due to its quality and consistency. The company even sold 329 million cigarettes in 1962. 

In the 1970s, the brand escalated internationally. Since then, Djarum continued to be the best clove cigarette brand in Indonesia under Oei’s sons, Michael Bambang Hartono and Robert Budi Hartono.

2. HM Sampoerna

HM Sampoerna is known for its low tar and nicotine clove cigarette product, Sampoerna A Mild. The kretek comes with a package of 12 and 16 cigarettes. The brand is also famous for its creative marketing tagline, such as ‘go ahead’ and ‘taste of the future’.

HM Sampoerna has been one of the best clove cigarette brands ever since 1913. Its most iconic product in Indonesia is Dji Sam Soe. The company also produces international cigarette brands, such as Sampoerna Kretek, Philip Morris, and Marlboro Filter Black.

HM Sampoerna was first founded in Kota Tua, Surabaya by Liem Seeng Tee in 1913. He made, and sold hand-rolled clove cigarettes called ‘Dji Sam Soe’. He distributed the products using his bicycle. Soon enough, the business grew into a company and Liem decided to name it ‘Sampoerna’. 

Liem’s son, Aga Sampoerna, followed his father’s steps and led the company. He created Sampoerna Hijau which later on known as Sampoerna Kretek. Aga’s son, Putra Sampoerna, continued Aga’s legacy and invented Sampoerna A Mild. 

In 2005, Philip Morris Indonesia company bought Sampoerna’s share and became the majority stakeholder. Until now, Sampoerna can still maintain its position as one of the best clove cigarette brands in Indonesia.

3. Gudang Garam

Along with Djarum and Sampoerna, Gudang Garam also manages to secure its position on the list of Indonesia’s best clove cigarette brand. The brand offers various kretek types to light up cigarettes fans’ day.

Fun fact, the company has become the fifth-biggest tobacco factory in Indonesia! Back then, in 1958, Gudang Garam was only a small local kretek factory in Kediri, East Java, that sold klobot clove cigarettes and hand-rolled clove cigarettes.

Gudang Garam was founded by Surya Wonowidjoyo after he left his uncle’s cigarette company. The name ‘Gudang Garam’, which means salt warehouse, was inspired by his dream. 

In the dream, he saw a salt storehouse across his uncle’s factory. The image latched onto his mind. One of his employees, Sarman, drew the salt warehouse in Surya’s dream. The picture became Gudang Garam’s logo.

Gudang Garam was on the top of its game in 1960. Their kretek became famous and Surya opened a new factory in Gurah. In a year, the brand has sold 779 million clove cigarettes. 

The company experienced a setback during the G30S PKI incident. Some of Gudang Garam’s workers were suspected to be a part of PKI and were caught by the government. The company lost its laborers and its sale went downhill.

Fortunately, Gudang Garam managed to climb its way and once again became one of the best clove cigarette brands in Indonesia.

4. Bentoel

Bentoel brand isn’t as known as Djarum, Sampoerna, and Gudang Garam, but their products are famous in Indonesia. Neo Mild, Uno Mild, Bentoel Sejati, and Bentoel Biru are some of Indonesia’s well-known clove cigarette products. 

The brand is also a part of British American Tobacco Group (BAT), which manufactures Dunhill and Lucky Strike cigarettes. The founding father of Bentoel is Ong Hok Liong, and he established the company in 1930 in Malang.

At first, the brand’s name wasn’t Bentoel, but Stroojes-fabriek Ong Hok Liong. The name changed to Bentoel in 1935. Afterwards, the home-based business turned into a gigantic company in 1970.

After becoming a part of the British American Tobacco Group (BAT), Bentoel focused on producing machine-rolled clove cigarettes, such as Lucky Strike Bold, Dunhill Mild, Dunhill Filter, and Lucky Strike Mild.

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