About Djarum Black Cigarettes: Content, Taste, and Smell

Djarum has been one of the most popular clove cigarettes or kretek brands. One of their specialty is Djarum Black cigarettes. The kretek can be identified by its sleek black-colored pouch and iconic black-colored wrapping paper. 

Before buying this exotic and elegant kretek, you must know the content, taste, and smell of Djarum Black cigarettes to match it with your preferences. Luckily, we have covered you up! Here is a comprehensive guide about Djarum Black cigarettes!

What are Djarum Black Cigarettes?

Djarum Black cigarette is one of Djarum’s favorite filtered clove cigarette products. The kretek is a blend of natural cloves, aged tobacco, and special Djarum sauce. The clove cigarette is well-known for its sleek, elegant, and modern packaging.

Djarum Black was created in 2001 and has several different flavors, such as menthol, vanilla, and grape. Although, the only flavor of Djarum Black cigarettes you can find in the U.S now is the menthol one.

At first, Djarum Black cigarettes are only made for Indonesian cigarettes lovers, but later on, the clove cigarette captured the international cigarettes fans’ attention due to its spicy clove flavor, and the rest is history. 

Djarum Black is also the only and first clove cigarette to have a black-colored wrapping paper with a high-quality blend. You can find 10, 16, and 20 Djarum Black cigarettes in a pack; it all depends on the size of the pack you are buying. The kretek has 25 milligrams of tar and 1.6 milligrams of nicotine.

The Founder of Djarum Black Cigarettes

Djarum Black Cigarettes is a masterpiece created by the Djarum company. The Indonesia kretek brand was built by Oei Wie Gwan in the 1950s. Djarum kretek quickly became a hit with its unique taste and high-quality product.

In 1970, Djarum clove cigarettes were shipped internationally for cigarette fans worldwide. Djarum’s brand expanded further when Oei’s sons, Michael Bambang Hartono and Robert Budi Hartono, took over the company.

Until now, the company has kept bringing new flavors and aromas to entice local and international cigarette lovers’ palates.

All About Djarum Black Cigarettes

Djarum Black cigarettes have a spicy aroma and a bold taste. Like a skilled fighter, the clove cigarette packs a heavy punch. You might catch yourself coughing on the smoke when you inhale the kretek for the first time.

Djarum Black cigarettes are rolled tightly, making them compact and slim cigarettes. The color of the clove and tobacco mixture is similar to the black-colored paper wrap. The tobacco in the blend is a dark leaf type.

You can enjoy the clove cigarette while chilling since it burns slowly and consistently. So, be sure to spend a few minutes finishing this exotic Indonesian kretek.

The clove flavor in Djarum Black cigarettes is very prominent; you can savor it on the paper wrap even before lighting it up. You can still taste the strong tobacco and cinnamon spice inside the blend despite the heavy clove flavour. Some even described the flavor as peppery.

In contrast to the bold taste, the first puff might feel light and warm. You will taste the clove and the sauce emanating from the blend.

Afterwards, the tobacco can be noticed from the kretek, and you can relish the sweet, spicy, and earthy taste of the Djarum Black cigarette smoothly. On the last burn, you will taste the cinnamon flavor.

The unique, spicy, and bold taste of Djarum Black cigarettes make this kretek quickly become a favorite among Indonesian and international clove cigarette fans. 

Djarum Black Cigarettes V.S. Djarum Black Cigars

In the U.S, Djarum Black Cigarettes and all clove cigarettes have been banned by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

All flavored cigarettes, except for menthol-flavored cigarettes, aren’t allowed in the States. It is now illegal to import, produce, and sell flavored cigarettes in the U.S.

Tobacco products that are still allowed are flavored and filtered cigars, menthol-flavored cigarettes, and flavored pipe tobacco. Djarum launched Djarum Black filtered cigar as Djarum Black filtered clove cigarette’s replacement to anticipate the ban.

Unlike its counterpart, Djarum Black cigar has a bigger size. It has 32 milligrams of tar as well as 1.8 milligrams of nicotine. The blend is rolled with homogenized tobacco leaf instead of the usual Djarum Black cigarette’s black-colored wrapping paper. 

Similar to Djarum Black clove cigarettes, Djarum Black cigars contain clove and use dark leaf tobacco. Djarum Black cigar also offers different complex flavors, such as Djarum Black Cigar Sapphire, Djarum Black Cigar Ruby, and Djarum Black Cigar Emerald. You can get 16 Djarum Black cigars in a pack. 

Djarum Black cigar has a similar clove flavor with Djarum Black cigarette, only sweeter. This is due to the sauce inside the blend. Djarum Black cigar’s sauce is a mixture of clove, cinnamon, and cardamom.

Djarum Black flavors might be strong on the palate, but smooth and soft on the throat. Suppose you like a fresh, rich, sweet, aromatic, and smooth tobacco flavor in your cigar or cigarette, in that case, you will surely enjoy a stick of Djarum Black cigar as Djarum Black cigarette’s replacement!

If you prefer the classic cigar rather than the filtered one, you can purchase the unfiltered version of the Djarum Black cigar.

Where Can I Buy Djarum Black Cigarettes?

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