Ban Imposed on Djarum Black leading to Online buying of the Product

The Djarum Black cigarettes are liked all over the world. They are an Indonesian type of cigarette that is known for their exotic flavor and taste. With flavors of Clove, cardamom and cinnamon they add a twist to the regular tobacco swing in the cigarette smoke. It creates a very different from smoking taste and experience for the smokers making them crave for more of these amazing Kretek clove cigarettes and Djarum Black. This brand of cigarettes is liked all over the world and is originally manufactured in the birth place of these cigarettes in Indonesia. They are made from the finest of the Ingredients which are handpicked to ensure the best quality standards. The Djarum Black cigarettes can be identified from their amazing smell and aroma. These type of Kretek Clove cigarettes made by the Djarum Black can be seen in an elongated pack in which the cigarettes are put together wrapped in black paper. The spices and other ingredients give out the best aroma that not many smokers can resist for a long time. The tobacco from the beautiful fields of Indonesia adds the best flavor and taste to the Djarum Black.

But unfortunately for most smokers these Kretek Clove Cigarettes and Djarum Black cigarettes have been banned in many parts of the world. The cigarette stores are unable to stock these exotic products due to law barriers and ban on sales. However there are many licensed and authorized companies that are selling them through websites and online sources. Among the many players in the market is the best option.  They offer Djarum Black Cigarettes in long packs each of which contains almost 20 numbers of cigarettes. These Kretek clove Cigarette sellers have been in the business for more than 3 years now and has been able to establish an excellent repute and rapport in the market. Buyers often fear the quality of product and service while ordering products online, but guarantees money back refund in 90 days if the product quality is low. They have developed large number of international and US clients and send out more than 500 orders on monthly basis. Their regular customer list is 5000 number long and is still on the path of growth.

The key to the success of this online company and customer’s immense trust on this source of Kretek Clove Cigarettes and Djarum Black is their superior quality of products and consistent standard of service. They ensure that all their products are tested for quality and only authentic products are shipped out to the customers. These types of cigarettes are most common in girls and exotic smokers. The spiced up flavors make them different from the rest of types of cigarettes available in the market. But the only problem lies with the fact that they are not available in the stores of the United States. So you will have to order them online. The best choice for this online purchase is definitely

The ban on the Kretek Clove cigarettes and Djarum Black was introduced in 2009. Today no other form of cigarette can be sold in the United States but Menthol and regular white.