Your answer to good quality Kretek cigarettes in the United States

Djarum Black and Kretek Clove Cigarettes are one of the very popular types of cigarettes in the world. They are made from a blended component of cloves, tobacco and other such exotic flavors. They are considered to quite different from the regular white cigarettes available in the market. These types of cigarettes are used all over the world, but they are especially popular in Indonesia. According to statistics 90% of all smokers use the Djarum Black and Kretek Clove Cigarettes. These types of cigarettes are largely manufactured in the Indonesian region of the world. There are hundreds of small and large manufacturers of Kretek Clove Cigarettes there. Kretek is produced by many famous and established brands but the best of them all is the Djarum Black.

Since a few years the Kretek Clove Cigarettes and Djarum Black have been banned for sales in the United States. To provide alternatives US companies are manufacturing their variations like the Touch of Clove which contains clove flavoring instead of the real ingredients and small sized cigars that look and taste like Kretek but are not actual Kretek Clove Cigarettes. If you are living in the United States and are fond of smoking the Djarum Black and the Kretek Clove Cigarettes then it can be a difficult job to find them. Searching for the original Kretek can be useless because no store in the country would stock it for sale. So how to go about finding it?

The only way to get Kretek Clove Cigarettes and Djarum Black in the United States is through online stores. But that is a risky and doubtful purchase in most time. When ordering and buying online you are not sure about the quality of the product and the originality of the cigarettes.

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