Online buying of Kreteks is not risk free

There are a large number of companies that are available for selling Kretek Clove Cigarettes to the clients. They are providing services to all parts of the world. These are especially useful for countries like the United States where these types of Cigarettes have been banned since 2009. Kretek Clove Cigarettes are not the regular white cigarettes that are available in the market. They are different in taste and aroma. The filling of these types of cigarettes contain tobacco, Cloves and other mesmerizing flavoring that can leave the user totally mesmerize and wanting more.

Buying online is an easy task because sitting in the comfort of your home you will get the product you need but it may offer some problems. Many of the users of Djarum Black and Kretek Clove Cigarettes say that they have had mixed experiences while buying their favorite cigarettes online. Some of the problems that they have highlighted include the following:

  • These types and brands of Kretek Clove Cigarettes cannot found in regular cigarettes store because they are banned in the US
  • For this reason they can only be purchased through online stores
  • While making a purchase online you cannot test the quality of the product
  • You cannot find out whether the product is authentic or artificially flavored. There are many manufacturers in the US and abroad which produce the Kretek Clove Cigarettes using Clove flavors in Crystal form rather than the original thing. They may look like authentic but you can only feel the difference once you smoke them
  • Many of the online stores selling the Djarum Black and other brands of Kretek Clove Cigarettes offer these products at very high and uncompetitive rates. Because they know that customers are forced to buy online they may offer poor quality products at high prices
  • First time buyers are mostly naïve and do not understand the buying process. these companies may have bad delivery services and may not offer customer satisfaction

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