What flavor is Djarum Black?


If you ask cigarette enthusiasts about the most popular clove cigarette brand in the United States, they will surely answer Djarum Black. Cigarette lovers can recognize the sleek and black-colored design of this iconic Djarum’s clove cigarette product right away.

Djarum Black cigarettes is famous for its high-quality and exquisite taste, but for someone who is about to try smoking Djarum Black, you must be wondering about the flavor profile of this popular clove cigarette brand. To quench your burning question, seek your answer below!

What Kind of Cigarette is Djarum Black?

Djarum Black was created in 2001 and is a filtered clove cigarette or kretek that consists of high-quality natural cloves and aged dark-colored leaf tobacco, as well as Djarum’s secret special sauce.

Other than the superb taste, Djarum Black is also well-known for its modern and all-black-colored wrapping paper. The brand is the first and only clove cigarette that has an all-black sleek design. Moreover, Djarum Black clove cigarettes are rolled very tightly, making them look slimmer.

Along with the original Djarum Black, Djarum also produces flavored Djarum Black, such as cappuccino and vanilla.

The iconic Djarum Black was originally created for Indonesian cigarette fans, but as time went by, Djarum began to distribute the elegant clove cigarette internationally which led to its massive popularity in the United States.

The Flavor of Djarum Black

If you have never tasted Djarum Black before, you will be surprised by the bolder, sweeter, and spicier flavor of the exotic kretek. The famous clove cigarette also has a more aromatic scent than regular western cigarettes due to its strong clove scent.

The first puff of Djarum Black will give you a light, warm, peppery, tobacco, cinnamon, and spicy taste. As you inhale the clove cigarette, you will notice a dominant yet smooth earthy, sweet, and spicy flavor from the kretek.

Djarum Black doesn’t burn quickly, so you can relax for a few minutes when enjoying a stick of Djarum Black clove cigarette. In your last puff, you will taste a strong cinnamon flavor.

Compared to other clove cigarette products, Djarum Black has a unique flavor, thanks to Djarum’s special secret sauce.

Since it has a strong and bold taste, it’s best to enjoy Djarum Black occasionally and after dinner while sipping on your favorite alcoholic drink. You should be careful not to inhale it too deeply the first time to lower your risk of coughing.

How Many Sticks in a Pack of Djarum Black?

There are various amounts of sticks in a pack of Djarum Black, depending on the size of the pack. You can get 10, 12, 16, or 20 sticks of these sleek clove cigarettes in one pack. Typically, you can find 2 long and 10 wide clove cigarettes in a box of Djarum Black.

But, beware there will be 25 milligrams of tar and 1.6 milligrams of nicotine in a stick of Djarum Black. So, if you are trying to reduce your tar and nicotine consumption, you should enjoy Djarum Black moderately.

What Are Djarum Black’s Variants?

As mentioned before, other than the original Djarum Black, there are other interesting Djarum Black flavors that you can try, such as:

  • Djarum Black Mild

Djarum Black Mild is a milder version of Djarum Black. It has the same high-quality clove and tobacco as the regular Djarum Black. The clove cigarette is equipped with a double filter that will give you a lighter and smoother taste.

Unlike the original Djarum Black, Djarum Black Mild has a lower tar and nicotine level, which is 10 milligrams tar and 0.8 milligrams nicotine.

This Djarum Black variant is suitable for cigarette lovers that prefer to have a lighter taste of clove cigarettes.

  • Djarum Black Cappuccino

One of the most unique flavors of Djarum Black is Djarum Black Cappuccino. You can savor the mixture of the aromatic clove and tobacco as well as the smooth cappuccino flavor. Instead of a fruity taste, you will find a hint of coffee inside the blend.

  • Djarum Black Cigar

Djarum Black Cigar is a Djarum Black cigarette in a cigar version, it uses a homogenized tobacco leaf. The cigar version is bigger than the regular Djarum Black with 1.8 milligrams of nicotine and 32 milligrams of tar.

Djarum Black Cigar also contains the same high-quality clove and tobacco as the original Djarum Black. Although, it has a sweeter taste and you can find a blend of cinnamon, clove, and cardamom in the cigar version.

Other than these three variants, you can also experience other Djarum Black flavored cigarettes, such as:

  • Djarum Black Ruby, Djarum Black Ruby version is suitable for cigarette enthusiasts who like a fruity type of cigarette, you will find a cherry taste among the clove and tobacco flavor.
  • Djarum Black Ivory, upon inhaling Djarum Black Ivory, you will experience a sweet vanilla flavor inside the blend.
  • Djarum Black Silver, if you like a smooth type of cigarette, Djarum Black Silver is your call!
  • Djarum Black Sapphire and Emerald, both of these flavored Djarum Black will give you a punch of menthol flavor.

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