How to Be a Healthy Smoker

How to Be a Healthy Smoker

Despite all the warnings and information about the danger of tobacco products, cigarette enthusiasts still enjoy at least a pack of cigarettes every day. However, some cigarette fans have begun to pay attention to their health and start looking for tips on damage control. 

It isn’t easy to stop smoking completely, but there are several tips you can do to ‘lessen’ the risks. If you are pondering how to be a healthy smoker, you are in the right place! Find the answer on how to be a healthy smoker by reading the article below!

How to Be a Healthy Smoker?

Nicotine addiction is as real as the phone or laptop you are touching now. Some smokers have a hard time curbing their craving to consume cigarettes due to nicotine withdrawal or stress.

If you are having difficulties in cutting cigarettes or other tobacco products, you can try these tips to lower the damage until you can completely stop inhaling cigarettes:

1. Practice Healthy Diet

You are what you eat is a phrase that shows the importance of eating healthy. By practicing a healthy diet, you can maintain your weight and stamina, and reduce your risks of getting sick. So, the first step in being a healthy smoker is implementing a balanced diet.

You can start managing your diet by consuming more vegetables and fruits, whole grains, and low-fat protein. Avoid eating high sodium, high sugar, and high saturated fat food. Don’t forget to limit your alcohol intake and junk foods. 

Eating healthy food can also help you curb your desire to consume cigarettes or other tobacco products. Foods high in sugar or fat can make you sleepy and thus entice you to use cigarettes to stay awake.

2. Don’t Forget to Exercise

Exercise is good for your heart and lungs! Besides helping to shed those extra fats in your body, exercise is a good ‘workout’ for your lungs. When you exercise, your heart rate will increase, and your lungs will work vigorously to supply oxygen and release carbon dioxide. Furthermore, moving your body can help suppress your cigarette craving. You don’t need to do heavy exercise; a simple walk or stretch can do!

3. Keep Your Body Hydrated

Drinking water and staying hydrated is necessary for your body. If you are dehydrated, your body, including your lungs, won’t function optimally. Having a decent amount of liquid in your body will help keep your airways’ lining moist and thin. It’s better to consume water or juice, than alcohol, coffee, tea, or soda. Those drinks can make cigarette tastes better. To curb the urge to smoke, stay with the ol’ fashioned water. 

4. Avoid Pollutants

When you smoke, you have inhaled a lot of toxic substances from the cigarette. Therefore, you should avoid adding pollutants to your body. It is better to steer clear of places with a high level of pollutants, such as roads full of traffics, mining sites, factories, or construction sites.

5. Choose Cigarette Replacement

You can slowly reduce your smoking activity by sucking or chewing candy, straw, or gum as a cigarette replacement. You can also keep your hands busy by grabbing a drink or other things on the hand that usually holds the cigarette.

6. Watch Out Your Stress Level

The next tip on being a healthy smoker is to lower your stress level. Stress doesn’t only affect your mental health but also your physical health. Stress can cause headaches, pain in the jaw area, and difficulties in sleeping. Try practicing self-relaxation techniques like meditation and deep breathing to reduce your stress level. You can also control your stress level by talking with your closest friends, tidying up your daily schedule, and making time for yourself.

7. Have a Supportive Community

A study conducted on a tribe of Italian immigrants staying in Roseto, Pennsylvania, found that the stress of feeling lonely can increase your risk of getting illness than people who smoke, consume alcohol, or practice an unhealthy diet. 

The study concluded that a close community could help prevent stress due to loneliness and thus decrease the chance of having heart disease and other medical conditions. Besides combating loneliness, spending more time with your family and friends can be a great morale boost if you try to stop smoking.

8. Get a Good Sleep

Similar to eating a healthy diet, lack of sleep can lead to feeling sleepy and tired. This can be a gateway for you to consume cigarettes. Moreover, getting enough sleep is important to improve your bodily function and give you decent energy during the day.

9. Attend Regular Medical Check-Up

Sometimes, medical issues won’t give away any obvious signals. By the time you are aware of the problem, it can be too late. Therefore, you should do regular medical check-ups to know your current condition. If medical issue pops out during the screening, doctors can give you the right treatment to resolve or reduce the problem.

These tips can decrease the cigarette’s damage to your body while still enjoying cigarettes or other tobacco products. But, no matter how much information you read and practice about ‘how to be a healthy smoker’, the best course in having a healthy lifestyle is to stop smoking entirely. Don’t be shy to consult a doctor for nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), if you are experiencing nicotine addiction or having difficulties stopping smoking. 

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