Clove Cigarettes Online Duty Notice

Clove Cigarettes Online accept orders strictly from individual buyers and for personal use only. It is unlawful to resell these cigarettes in your country. Buying cigarettes through international mail for personal consumption is completely legal.

We do not responsible for paying duty taxes applied by your local government customs. We recommend you find out your own government’s guidelines about buying cigarettes.

USA and CANADIAN Customers

IMPORTANT : We still can exporting clove cigarettes to United States.

There is no maximum limitation order, usually there is no duty taxes charged. You may buy 1, 3, 5 or more cartons as long the cigarettes used for personal consumption only.

UNITED KINGDOM CustomersWe recommend to use EMS service.We didn’t guarantee that the order will pass the Customs Clearance on England without paying tax.You will always pay the extra tax if you buy Cigarettes from Online.So we suggest you to buy more than 1 carton per order, for cheaper shipping cost.

European Union Countries

We suggest you to order only 1 carton per order if you wanted to avoid duty taxes charged by Customs. Usually you will not likely to be taxed if the quantity falls within the internationally acceptance limit of 10 packs (200 cigarettes) and for personal consumption. However, we cannot guarantee that no duties will be placed since it depends on local legislations and enforcements of legislations which is vary from place to place.

If you place a larger than 10 packs or 200 cigarettes order, you will always have to pay duty taxes by your own.

Exception: UK and Germany customs accept limit of 50 cigarettes only, so you will always have to pay duty taxes to your government.

If you feel duty taxes in your country does not cost you so much, you may consider to place larger quantity order to get cheaper price benefits.

For more further detail information, we suggest you to contact Customs office in your country before ordering.

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