s. simon

Hi Derwin,
My name is S. Simon, I have been getting my clove cigarettes from you since the US ban in 2009. My mother orders them for me because she has a Paypal account. Her name is XXX. I am so grateful to you for your excellent service! You are a man of honor, truth and kindness. You have always run your business with the utmost care for your customers satisfaction. In all these years of purchasing clove cigarettes from you only 1 order was returned to you by US customs, and you promptly reshipped the order for free! You are truly a trustworthy man who keeps his word. It is clear to me that your business is such that it must take a great deal of patience and time to set the bar higher than most. I have a great deal of respect for the people of Indonesia since I was lucky to have been friends with 2 brothers whose family owned Gudang Garam company 29 years ago while they were here in the US, one of them owned a video store in Minneapolis, MN and the other younger brother named Ming went to college. They used to give me cartons of their clove cigarettes for free. I moved away and lost contact with them when they moved back to Indonesia. They were so respectful and kind to me, sharing much of their culture and spirituality with me. I wish I knew their full names and address as I would love to contact them! They told me all about the history of clove kreteks that were actually an old traditional treatment for asthma, which I suffer from and have smoked them exclusively for the last 29 years. I haven’t had an asthma attack ever since! I shall remain a loyal customer for the rest of my life, thanks to you. I tell everyone I meet who asks where I get my cloves to only purchase them from you. The clove cigarettes always come fresh and fast! Again, I am ever so grateful for everything you do to ensure I always get the best product at a very reasonable price. Thank you and blessings to you and all the people who work with you.

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