Mister Black

I've been a customer since April 2013, and just made my 9th order today… Derwin & Team have been great to work with. I've had shipments get lost or rejected enroute, and CCO is always great about getting another order out to me.

If there's one caution I can give to you, fellow interwebber, is that you aren't dealing with Amazon here. There's no such thing as next-day delivery when you're ordering out of Indonesia.

My advice is to place an order, be patient, and then when it arrives, make another order so you'll be resupplied before you run out.

I try to order a month's worth at a time (4-6 cartons), and it usually takes 2-3 weeks for a shipment to get to me.

Here's some more advice… It's been 5 years or so since you could just run down to your local convenience store and buy a pack of actual kretek cigarettes (as opposed to the nasty cigars currently on sale in Canada and the US), so everyone is going to smell them and want to bum one.

Have a strategy for this.

If I've got 4 fresh cartons at home, sure I may give out a smoke or 2 among friends, but you're going to want to be ready to put the breaks on this real quick. Remember, these are illegal to sell in the States, so don't do that… Trade instead. If someone really wants a real clove or two, have them buy you a drink.

Sure, a $10 cocktail may seem high for a smoke that cost you some loose change, but that's the mark-up for instant gratification. You took a risk buying online. You waited weeks for your shipment to arrive. If THEY want to smack their lips on your sweet, sweet filters, buying a round is the least they can do.

By the way… these are going to be very much like you remember them… great smokey flavor, often with candy-coated filters… If anything, I think these might be a little stronger in terms of the nicotine rush you get compared to the old Djarums and Sampoernas we used to get in the states, so prepare to enjoy!

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