Kwadwo T

I have been ordering from this site before this site changed to look this good and that was back in 2009. My customer experience with Derwin has been great. Good communication, quick email response. I have ordered a lot of Djarum from him and they always arrive safely. In one instance, my packages were returned by US customs but they were rehipped to me free of charge. Derwin has been doing this for a while and sometimes the shipment might delay but he knows the right time to send them. There has been times that I thought I wasn't going to receive my packages because it took over a month but he told me they will come and they did come through. I order more than a dozen at at time and it takes trusting to when you sending money to someone you've never met but I trust him. One time he sent some of my packages before I could even send his money and that made me happy. The trust is mutual. That is all it takes. don't be scared to order and allow some time, communicate with him and wait because once the Djarums get to the United States, he can't do anything about them but wait until they are delivered. I've always get my packages and I keep ordering from him because he don't screw you with shipping charges either. Shipping is real cheap which I think he eats some of the shipping cost.
I'm Kwadwo at UNC-Charlotte.
Jah bless

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