Kiki Chica

I am in COMPLETE agreement with the post by Tommy Daly!!!

The folks at Clove Cigarettes Online are the best! I've never had an order arrive damaged or incorrect. Derwin is really great at returning emails rapidly.

I've only had one order that got sent back from Customs, and as soon as Clove Cigarettes Online received it, they sent it right back & it went through.

It normally takes about 10-14 days for me to get my order…Which is fine. But this last order (4 cartons) got to me in only SIX days!!!!

OMG!! That was the fastest I've ever received an order!!!
I ordered on July 3rd and got it yesterday, July 9th!

Awesome job you guys are doing there, and it is MUCH appreciated!

If anyone is having any doubts about ordering from this company….DON'T WORRY!! They are true to their word and also have the best prices.

Clove Cigarettes Online is the real deal and the ONLY place I will EVER order my precious Djarum Blacks from!

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