I have been shopping with Derwin for quite some time. I am aware that there are some scam sites out there that advertise the same products, but this is absolutely *NOT* one of them. The site is clean and well-organized, so finding the brand you want is super-easy. The selection on the site is VERY comprehensive, and I am always finding interesting varieties that I've never seen before. The products are fresh, authentic, and absolute TOP quality.

The checkout process is quite simple, and you are given several different email confirmations almost instantaneously for proof of purchase. Derwin is always very available for correspondence and if you have a question regarding your order, you'll hear back within hours usually. He is professional, courteous, and always willing to assist in any way he can.

The shipping time is astoundingly fast! The shipping price is also surprisingly low and includes detailed tracking info. In the US, almost any kind of product that resembles tobacco, food, etc, the Customs folks will hold it for inspection. This is no cause for alarm, though – they are packaged in a way that makes the contents obvious, so that Customs has no reason to take them. In all the years I've dealt with Derwin, I've not lost ONE shipment.

Last purchase: Item was shipped from Indonesia on Dec. 12th. Item arrived at NY Customs on Dec. 14th, and was released by Customs on Dec. 19th. Item arrived in NC to my door on Dec. 21. (Funny how Customs took twice as long as the actual shipping did, isn't it?)

I absolutely recommend clovecigarettesonline.com and will continue to purchase my cigs here and ONLY here! 🙂

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