James Harned aka Nardcore

CCO Clove Cigarettes Online has always took care of me from day one. After the ban I went without cloves for a year off and on I bought out every wherehouse in the nation legal and illegally at a ridiculous cost. Being a clove smoker for 25 years then forced to smoke a clove laced cigar was ridiculous and not even comparable made me sick. I was really bummed out….but one day there was hope DERWIN the man saved the day. He offered a way to purchase smokes at a lower price than the U.S. Which was ridiculous becuz of taxes on top of taxes. I received my first order i. 6 days at fist I was nervous becuz of the way you payed for them but DONT WORRY …..DERWIN IS A TRUSTWORTHY HARDWORKING FAMILY MAN.!!!!!!!!! I have been a customer of his for years and have never been done wrong and smokes have always arrived within a week……..Soooo put your order in Now!!! Smoke and Enjoy what you've been missing all this time……..James H. Los Angeles Ca

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