Im a reveiwer I like to do research before I buy a product, That being said im more then will to give my input. I placed an order for a box of clove blacks on september 14th i received them on september 28th 14 days after the order was placed. Now while tracking the usps website i had noticed that the package was in the NY sort facility for over a week. Thought i would send usps a little email asking if i should make a clame and if the package was lost or in costoms. Never did i recive and answer for them. I emailed Derwin the next day after emailing usps and he emailed me back in less the 24 hours, noting that it is very normal to take days to pass though. I was pleased to know that it was all normal. Derwin has better customer service then usps. The cloves where in good shape and are very fresh for a really awesomely low price. Thank you Derwin and i have recamended this site to many people already.

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